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FluoroKennel makes life easier!
There is no escaping it.

Small dog using FluoroKennel at Vet
C-Arm with dog in FluoroKennel
C-Arm-Fluoroscopy with dog in FluoroKennel

Setting a new standard in aerodigestive medicine

Clearly, A Natural Alternative

FluoroKennel is a patented and smartly designed kennel that provides a natural alternative to lateral/sternal recumbency and restraint techniques during fluoroscopic imaging.  Free-standing, self-feeding, less handling, and less anxiety set FluoroKennel apart from other fluoroscopic assessment methods for aerodigestive/ swallowing disorders in companion animals.

dogs standing up for fluoroscopy safety and better outcomes

Stand Up For...

Improving Animal Welfare

Reducing Radiation Exposure

Achieving Better Outcomes All Around

FluoroKennel used in fluoroscopy


FluoroKennel permits hands-free, unrestrained, self-feeding from a bowl while standing in a comfortably confined space

Self-feeding minimizes movement artifact to permit quality videofluoroscopic and spot film imaging eliminates the need for animal restraint, which reduces radiation exposure to personnel

Low stress environment for animals and personnel

Eliminates aspiration risk (food/liquid entering the lungs) associated with syringe & force-feeding methods

Provides a safe space that is comfortably size-matched to each animal

companion animals
fluoroscopy dog sizes options for FluoroKennel


Three standard sizes to accommodate various sized companion animals such as dogs and cats.

Custom sizes and accessories are available upon request to accommodate specific needs (e.g., extra-large, toy-sized, or exotic animals)

Adjustable interior kennel length using removable partitions

Food bowl partition controls access to food/liquid items during testing

Trapezoidal shape with inviting wide entry door strategically guides the animal’s head to the front of the kennel for hands-free examination

Food bowls are adjustable to accommodate animals of different sizes and feeding height/position needs.

Top and side access doors permit animal contact as needed during testing and easy clean up after testing.

Stacking or nesting for smaller footprint storage.


Achieve Better Outcomes with FluoroKennel

  video of freely feeding dog

with fluroscopic overlay

using FluoroKennel

What you don't see in the video...

  • Direct radiation exposure to personnel

  • Animal restraint causing obstructed bolus flow

  • Liquid or kibble field of view contamination

What you do see in the video...

  • Free standing animal with no restraint

  • Free feeding animal exhibiting typical eating behavior

  • No struggling or stress

  • Clear view of bolus flow

dog concerned about fluoroscopy


fluoroscopy stress free approach, FluoroKennel logo


A more natural examination of aerodigestive function


problems with fluoroscopy with companion animals

Current aerodigestive testing procedures are behaviorally challenging and impose increased risk of harm to veterinary patients and personnel. FluoroKennel is a game changing innovation that promotes cooperative animal behavior to optimize safety management during testing.  

Reducing Unnecessary
Radiation Exposure

fluoroscopy dog x ray

These are gloves!

Unnecessary radiation exposure to personnel while restraining and hand-feeding animals isn't good for anyone. If you can see your hand in the fluoroscopy monitor during testing, then your face and body are too close to the X-ray beam!

FluoroKennel adds a new layer of protection against radiation exposure for veterinary personnel

FluoroKennel allows animal handlers to stay at a greater (safer) distance from the X-ray beam (ideally behind appropriate shielding) while animals self-feed in a secure space. This hands-free approach addresses all three guiding principles of radiation safety (time, distance, and shielding) and aligns with the