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FluoroKennel veterinary diagnostic imaging chamber for swallow studies
FluoroKennel sizing guide

FluoroKennel is a patented and smartly designed kennel that provides a natural alternative to lateral recumbency and restraint techniques during fluoroscopic imaging. Free standing, free feeding, less handling, and less anxiety sets FluoroKennel apart from other methods of fluoroscopic assessments of aerodigestive/swallowing disorders in companion animals.


  • Three sizes to accommodate various sized companion animals such as dogs and cats

  • Partition insert to convert each kennel interior to a smaller size

  • Trapezoidal shape with inviting wide entry door

  • Transparent walls permit direct viewing and imaging

  • Adjustable height food bowls

  • Top and side access doors

  • Stacking or nesting for storage


  • Kennels permit hands-free, unrestrained self-feeding from a bowl while standing in a confined space

  • Self-feeding minimizes movement artifact to permit quality video fluoroscopic and spot film imaging

  • Eliminates the need for animal restraint, which dramatically reduces radiation exposure to personnel

  • Low stress environment for animals and personnel


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