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Research & Innovation

Meet the Innovator

Teresa Lever, PhD, MS, CCC-SLP​

Dr. Teresa Lever is an Associate Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Missouri (MU).

Dr. Lever is the inventor of FluoroKennel for contrast videofluoroscopy and developed the associated clinical methodology with her research collaborators.

Dr. Teresa Lever PhD inventor of FluoroKennel

Research Publications

dog reading
The FluoroKennel Story

The FluoroKennel Story

Current Procedural Issues

Current Procedural Issues

The current protocol involves physical restraint and atypical posture via sternal or lateral recumbency. The result is an assessment of atypical eating/drinking behaviors and increased radiation exposure to the animal handler(s). FluoroKennel is setting a new standard in veterinary aerodigestive medicine by overcoming these major challenges.

Sad boxer.webp
lateral recumbancy.webp

1. Uncomfortable for the patient, physical

restraint also exposes personnel to excess radiation.

force feeding.webp

2. Traditional procedures rely on unnatural force-feeding approaches.

A Testimonial From a Relieved Dog

Max The Baily Chair Dog

Meet Max, a professional dog food taste tester. He was previously diagnosed with megaesophagus (based on X-ray films) and prescribed upright feeding in a Baily Chair.

Radiographic imaging using FluoroKennel showed that Max has NORMAL swallowing function during free feeding. He no longer requires upright feedings in a Baily Chair, and has successfully returned to being a professional taste tester.

Max in Baily Chair
Max success with FluoroKennel

Problems with Current Aerodigestive Testing Procedures


Radiation Exposure

Personnel in x-ray beam.

fluoroscopy radiation exposure


Tight Restraint

Tight leash around neck causes mechanical obstruction, gagging, and regurgitation.

Bolus flow is normal without leash

mechanical obstruction fluoroscopy


Liquid Contamination

Liquid dribbling from mouth during syringe feeding contaminates the x-ray field of view

liquid contamination fluoroscopy


Kibble Contamination

Kibble dropped during the hand feeding process, contaminating the x-ray field of view

kibble contamination fluoroscopy

FluoroKennel Sizing

Three FluoroKennel sizes to accommodate various sized companion animals

Partitions insert to convert each kennel interior into two smaller sizes

FluoroKennel sizing guide
3 sizes of FluoroKennel
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